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My book on timber technology soon to be released.
Lost Art Press (LAP) is preparing it for release in the early part of 2018. Towards the end of 2017 is their provisional target for sending the completed book to the printer. It has been, for me, a remarkably swift transition from signing a publishing agreement late in June 2017 to this stage of preparedness. One challenge still seeking a solution is the book's title as opposed to my long held working title of Trees, Wood and Woodworking which doesn't have quite the right ring to it.

Ahead of release LAP asked me to write a few blog posts to inform their blog readers and subscribers about me and the book's progress from its inception to final draft manuscript. My growing list of posts can be found at LAP's blog here. Probably the best way to keep up-to-date with the book's progress now that LAP are making it print ready and beyond is to become an email subscriber to their blog: the subscription option is found on the right hand side of the blog page. Alternatively, you can drop me a note to register your interest  via this link and I'll add you to a newsletter I'll send out via email from time to time. Recipients of newsletters will be placed in the blind carbon copy (Bcc) category of addressees in order to preserve your anonymity from other recipients. This does mean you might need to set your email server to accept messages where you are Bcc'd in: MS Outlook, for example, can be set to reject anything addressed to you via the Bcc option.

Welcome to my portfolio.

  • This website showcases my furniture design and build projects, as well as related woodworking, primarily joinery. In addition there is a selection of my articles on a variety of woodworking subjects. 
My work encompasses:
  • Furniture designed, made and shown at exhibitions and galleries.
  • Commissioned one-off design and make items and batch design and make projects.
  • Supervisory and management positions in wood based production environments,  including furniture, and joinery manufacture for museums, retail outlets, long-term and short-term exhibitions and/or expositions, trade events, etc,  coupled with extensive experience in senior roles in the Higher Education sector.
  • Consultancy and advisory roles on furniture and joinery design and its manufacture including devising technical solutions, estimating, and project management.
  • Advice and guidance on timber technology issues, and occasional provision of expert opinion in legal disputes.
  • Tailored learning material for teaching sessions, lectures, speaking engagements, and seminars. Preparation for and delivery of training on a wide range of furniture related topics drawing upon my many years as a qualified professional furniture designer maker, as well as my experience working in the education sector.
  • Additional roles I sometimes undertake are those of a juror in furniture competitions and to sit on exhibition selection panels.
  • Writing. Numerous articles on furniture subjects have been published in trade journals in both the UK and the USA. Links to a small selection of these articles can be found in the Articles section.
Services Available
  • I can provide a range of expertise on furniture, joinery and related woodworking issues. Services available range from the high quality making of items from basic machining, to workbench, to wood finishing. I can provide help with design research and development, estimating costs and/or time, technical advice on processes and procedures, and project planning in order to improve production of  furniture and joinery. I also undertake occasional teaching of furniture and joinery subjects, and  provide expertise on timber technology issues. I can help those experiencing problems with their products, such as joinery failure, finishing or polish issues and insect infestation, to providing qualified expert professional opinion in disputes between a client and a furniture supplier/maker.
  • To explore how I may be able to help you with any of the above please get in touch through the contact means listed below:

mobile: 0776 960 0912

Omega Table Drawing


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